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Raffle Winners 2022!

$1,000 Charlayn Kranee

$500 Colleen Trevino

$250 Lorena Lorino

$150 Mary Crass

$100 Lorraine Garcia

$50 winners

  Jeff Whipple


 Jen Micheau

 Miriam Schumacher

 Josh Coopman

West Youth Football Game Schedule 2022

Waukesha Youth Football & Cheerleading

The Waukesha Youth Football and Cheer leading program is committed to providing all youth in Waukesha the opportunity to participate in football and cheer leading in a safe and enjoyable environment. As part of this commitment, we will emphasize the fundamentals of football and cheer leading and the knowledge the youth will need to play football and cheer at the high school level. We provide the opportunity for playing football and cheer leading to all youth, regardless of athletic capability. In addition, no youth will be excluded based on financial considerations.

Mailing adress P.O. Box 4005, Waukesha, WI 53187


  Introducing Rookie ball for 4th, 5th & 6th graders. Rookie ball will be the next level after flag football. The 4th & 5th graders will be playing together. Learn the basics before going 11 on 11 with a full size field. Rookie ball will be played on a reduced size field. Coaches will be on the field with players, teaching & coaching the fundamentals. Rookie ball is still full tackle football with all the same equipment as 11 on 11. Players will learn several positions on offense & defense and change positions during the game. Teams still run the same offense & defense as 11 on 11.

   Come be apart of the revolution of youth football, sign up today!!

Football Officiating 2022


If you're at least 16 yrs old and interested in learning about football officiating and might like to give it a try in 2022,  please contact:

Doug Laurent - 262-719-7918


Hunters of the week!

Tyler Cattarozzle & Ryan McMahon, 8th grade hunters of the week. An award given to players who made a positive contribution to their team for the week.


Click on document below for guidelines on Thunder & Lightning

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