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West Youth Camp 2020

The West Youth Camp has been moved to July 13-15th from 9am - Noon at West High School. If you've already signed up previously, so are all set. If you have not signed up you can still use the flyer below to sign up. Note the dates are not correct on the flyer (they are the old dates), but still use it.

    Thank you and any questions please email:


Waukesha Youth Football & Cheerleading

The Waukesha Youth Football and Cheer leading program is committed to providing all youth in Waukesha the opportunity to participate in football and cheer leading in a safe and enjoyable environment. As part of this commitment, we will emphasize the fundamentals of football and cheer leading and the knowledge the youth will need to play football and cheer at the high school level. We provide the opportunity for playing football and cheer leading to all youth, regardless of athletic capability. In addition, no youth will be excluded based on financial considerations.

Mailing adress P.O. Box 4005, Waukesha, WI 53187

Raffle 2020 winners

winners will be contacted. Email if you are a winner.

$1000 Ricardo B.

$500 Byron Franz

$250 Kurt Simons

$150 Jeff Jones

$100 Brian Deichl

$50 Dennis Mader

$50 Darin Malkowski

$50 Dan Lockett

$50 Cathy Trojan

$50 Cathy Trojan

The Season is a Go!!

Please see the calendar for all the new important dates.

New equipment changes for 2020

   Parents, we will be having you responsible for purchasing the padded girdles & knee pads for the 2020 season. We no longer will be using practice pants and the 7 pads that you have to slide into the girdle pockets. We will still supply the knee pads to slide into game pants if the girdle you purchase doesn't have the knee pads. You will also need to purchase the slide on knee pads. (see example photos below, click on the link)

     Players will be wearing shorts for practice with their girdles & slide on knee pads.

Any questions please let me know.

Mike Radojicic


Green Bay Packer night for the 5th Graders

Here is a video of the 5th graders experience playing at Lambeau field at half time of the Chiefs vs Packers game.


   Here is the 2020 game schedule!





  Introducing Rookie ball for 4th, 5th & 6th graders. Rookie ball will be the next level after flag football. The 4th & 5th graders will be playing together. Learn the basics before going 11 on 11 with a full size field. Rookie ball will be played on a reduced size field. Coaches will be on the field with players, teaching & coaching the fundamentals. Rookie ball is still full tackle football with all the same equipment as 11 on 11. Players will learn several positions on offense & defense and change positions during the game. Teams still run the same offense & defense as 11 on 11.

   Come be apart of the revolution of youth football, sign up today!!

Football Officiating 2020


If you're at least 16 yrs old and interested in learning about football officiating and might like to give it a try in 2020,  please contact:

Doug Laurent - 262-719-7918



Click on document below for guidelines on Thunder & Lightning

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